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Uncategorized ARCHIVE

  • The CrossFit OPEN weekly events will be announced on Thursday nights instead of Wednesday nights this year. We are moving our normal OPEN activities back one day to mirror this shift. The following is our schedule for the next 5 weeks during the OPEN. This will remain the same for the duration of the OPEN. […]

  • Feburary of 2013, my wife and I scrambled to get our kids fed, bathed, and recited the strange rituals our kids have around bedtime to our babysitter. We jumped in the car and headed to our CrossFit Intro class. We cautiously walked up to the building not sure if the noise we were hearing was […]

  • Wodify is Live!

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on January 30, 2014

    Hey CrossFit St. Louis and CrossFit St. Louis West (ICE) Athletes! We are excited to announce that we will be kicking off our use of Wodify, a simple and easy to use athlete performance tracking application designed specifically for our box.  We have been looking for a solution that will make performance tracking easier and […]

  • Mental Strategy Now that we’re nearing the start of the 2014 CrossFit Open, I’ve noticed that the workouts are not only more physically demanding, but they also require a lot more mental strength-at least for me they do. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make […]

  • I Wanna be a Caveman…

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on January 24, 2014

    By Leeny Hoffmann – Senior Cavewoman The 2014 Crossfit StL Paleo Challenge is underway.  Twenty five eager participants have committed to the 6-week paleo journey that started January 13th and will finish on Friday February 21st. We kicked off our challenge with a nutrition seminar and paleo expo featuring some of the amazing services offered […]

  • Hello, I’m Cory – by Cory Buerck

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on January 20, 2014

    CrossFit St. Louis/Ice family,Hello my name is Cory Buerck. I am 27, married and I am really excited for the opportunity to venture out into a new community to continue my journey of helping people with there fitness and healthy lifestyles.My wife’s name is Amber and we have been together 9 years and married for almost 2. I […]

  • My Favorite Books – Emily Henderson

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on January 18, 2014

    For those of you who also like to read, I wanted to share some of my favorite resources that I’ve come across in the past few years. While none of these books are written explicitly about CrossFit, they all narrow in on a small element of CrossFit, whether that is weightlifting, mobility, or general training. […]

  • I’ve talked to several members, and we are all going to take on a 2014 challenge of our own. As many of you know, “Murph” is a Hero WOD, named after Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, recently memorialized publicly in the movie “Lone Survivor”. Mike Murphy is said to have frequently done this workout himself and […]

  • I ran across this really interesting article on a mobility site I sometimes check out. All the time, we hear CrossFit coaches inspecting athletes and barking directions about knee location (“Press your knees out!”), stance width (“Heels shoulder width apart!”), and hip torque (“Twist your feet in your shoes and torque those hips.”). Now this […]

  • 2014 CrossFit St. Louis Paleo Diet Challenge

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on January 3, 2014

      It’s that time of year when the magic of the holidays has worn out its welcome and we are feeling tired, sluggish, bloated and not our best.  Don’t get me wrong, the party that started at Thanksgiving and ended on New Year’s Day was a blast.  It was nice to enjoy all the delicious […]

  • The answers to this question are as varied as the athletes that walk through our doors. Some are looking to lose weight, to get in shape, to recapture that “inner athlete” that was there when they were younger and well…, in better shape. They find all of these through CrossFit and the community of athletes […]

  • Without question, there are extremists in every realm. I have relatives and friends that are Nazi-intense about their favorite cause, and others that will run any race that they find in town. I have coworkers that would miss the birth of their child rather than miss a Sunday kickoff, and I have neighbors that will […]

  • Mobility & Stability – Emily Henderson

    By admin | In Uncategorized | on December 8, 2013

    Mobility and Stability I bet the majority of us have spent a little time on a foam roller or have used bands to stretch before class. At the very least, the warm-ups used in class incorporate mobility exercises for the shoulders, hips, and any other joints being emphasized that day. Since we’re all on our […]

  • Welcome to December at CrossFit St. Louis! Our new space is open, and while there are still things to do to make it a home, our space problems are solved once again. With the added room, we will begin offering yet another WOD Class very soon: Foundations/Masters. Foundations/Masters classes will be everything every other class […]

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of good and bad days in the gym. Since starting CrossFit, I’ve certainly had weeks where the PRs just keep coming, and then suddenly a sub-maximal clean just won’t come off the floor. I would be willing to bet that the difference […]

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