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FAQs about CrossFit and CrossFit St. Louis

Is CrossFit for me?

  • CrossFit is for anyone and everyone wanting to maintain or improve their ability to move. CrossFit, while it certainly is what you see on the CrossFit Games on ESPN, is also certainly not that for 99% of CrossFitters. We choose CrossFit for many personal reasons and find that we are successful beyond measure through this sport. We believe we can reach your goals.

What if I have done CrossFit elsewhere?

Will I have the same coach?

  • We have a combination of full and part-time coaches. Coaches are assigned a schedule and that schedule does not vary week-to-week. So choosing to attend the same classes each week ensures that you will have the same coaches. But fear not, all of our coaches are held to high performance standards and will give you a consistent experience, class to class.

How big are classes?

  • The answer to that question varies by class, but classes are typically no larger than 15 attendees per coach, and on average are around 7-8 attendees per coach. The exception class is CrossFit + Row, where we have up to 17 attendees and the Sunday Hero WOD which is all comers.

What does CrossFit mean by community?

  • CrossFitters will tell you that community is such an important part of the experience. It is not about who finished first, who lifted the most, or who had the best overall technique. All of those things are celebrated, but also celebrated, often with more veracity, is the accomplishment of the person that struggled but finished, the athlete that could not do one pull up, but can now do 10, of the athlete that just would not quit until the work was done. That in essence, is CrossFit community. But it doesn’t stop there. CrossFit gyms are extremely giving, supporting members in times of need and giving back to the community to charity events and drives.

What about nutrition?

  • We love this saying: “You can no more out-train a poor diet than you can overcome a lack of training with a great diet.” We believe the two go hand-in-hand.
  • Your nutritional intake is ultimately your own thing. No one is looking at your plate and criticizing you (unless you are asking them to through our nutritional coaching program). We do provide tools and education that helps you to understand the value of proper nutritional choices. If you follow our nutritional recommendations, you will see the value of your training increase.

What if I want to compete in other sports, can CrossFit help?

  • Many competitive athletes utilize CrossFit to enhance their fitness. CrossFit is great for every aspect of physical preparedness, but many find our core training to be invaluable in sport. Additionally, our metcon training provides a chance to practice the discipline of pushing hard and finding new limits, a skill that transfers well to any sport.

Do you have open gym membership?

  • We have many people that come by, declare their love for CrossFit and explain how well and how long they have been doing it on their own, but they don’t have the equipment they need to experience “broad modal domains”. They want to join as “Open Gym” members. In our box, we do not support this. A big part of CrossFit is the community aspect, getting pushed by the energy of the group to excel and to encourage others to excel. For our members, we offer time before and after class to warm up or to work on specific strength and skills movements on their own, but it is always in conjunction with class attendance.

If you are interested in trying CrossFit St. Louis, join us at a Free Intro class.

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